New Connan game by Funcom

I really needed to do a spot of Googling to see whether the Age of Conan MMO was all the while kicking; it’s been fours years since we last discussed it, which was not long after it went allowed to play in an offer to keep the lights on. An effective offer, things being what they are, and are lights still on, as well as more dream savageness, is headed: Not more Age of Conan essentially, however, more Conan video games.

Funcom, the studio behind Age of Conan, has marked an arrangement with pleasingly-named Conan Properties to be the “favored accomplice” for all video games in view of the Conan the Barbarian brand. The mix of business-talk and Conan the Barbarian—who knew he was a brand?— is diverting, but on the other hand, it’s fascinating on the grounds that Age of Conan was neither an out-of-the-door hit nor a gradually assembling sleeper: The normal US player mean Age of Conan: Unchained on Steam hasn’t been more than 100 for very nearly two years, and is presently mulling in the mid-30s. That is far and away more terrible than Evolve. (It’s improving in the EU.)

Regardless, Funcom arrangements to declare another Conan amusement in 2016. “Conan the Barbarian is without a doubt one of the world’s most prominent and most conspicuous dream legends, and as diversion engineers, working with such a character and having the capacity to draw from the phenomenally definite universe of Hyboria is out and out a blessing from heaven,” Funcom CEO Rui Casais said.

By all appearances, the Conan universe is a perfect setting for a dim, dirty dream videogame—not very a long way from a less-refined Witcher, truly. Furthermore, regardless of the disappointment of AoC to set the MMO world ablaze, Conan Properties CEO Fredrik Malmberg communicated trust in the studio, saying it “has indicated they are more than fit for dealing with the rich legacy of Conan and to inhale new life into the universe of Hyboria.” It strikes me as sort of an interesting conclusion, given that it’s been so since a long time ago since Funcom has done anything significant (or anything by any means, truly) with the property, yet who knows? Possibly they’ll shock us.

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