The Famous Nostalrius is Rolling Back

The Elysium Project team proudly announced that they obtained the Nostalrius core and database. They will be resuming the former Nostalrius PvP and PvE realms, as well as the one that honors the name of the project – Elysium PvP.

As with all things vanilla, farming gold on fresh servers will represent a ‘pain in the butt’, but we did identify a legit site from where you can buy Nostalrius gold, powerleveling as well as accounts. The site has now expanded it’s services and offers Elysium Gold & Powerlevelingas well (being merged with the former site).

Additionally, on 20th November, the Elysium Project did a stress test which confirmed that the server can support over 7000 players with their current hardware. The realms are set to be resumed after the second stress test, where they will be increasing the capacity – aiming at well over 15000 players.


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