Computer Help in Offenburg, Germany

Okay, so i was doing some business trip to the south-western region in Germany, Offenburg to be precise and i ran into some serious issue. The HDD stopped working and i couldn’t find way possible to fix it. I’ve checked all ways possible, from Toms HardwarePC Repair Online Shops, the standard Trouble-Shooting but to no avail. The point is, i already spent few grands for the fly tickets and i had to make a presentations to my future business partners. Busy people, normally i will ridicule my self i let them wait for me to repair my now broken laptop… I’m even ashamed of the though that i am completely unprepared for the meeting.

An idea came on my mind. Normally, i wouldn’t ever, EVER, let anyone touch my HDD due to the sensitive data stored on it. I always prefer to do any computer related task myself, but time was running out. Quick google search for Computer Assistance in Offenburg yielded some results, most notable being It Klimt. I reached out to Markus, the business owner, and he was more than willing to help. However, his time was short as well so i had to pull of the disk from my notebook.

I found how to remove away the HDD on youtube, luckily the video i found had similar Dell Inspiron model like the one i owned.

The very next day i met Markus, who helped me to fix my broken HDD and RESTORE THE DATA within just 60 minutes. I’ve seen this guy’s passion for IT related tasks and learned that he was helping a lot of local B2B IT companies in Offenburg with various tasks, network, software installations, general services and the list goes on. What’s more funny, Markus and I share the same passion for one particular game: World of Warcraft. Thanks pal!

Make sure to check his website: – you can also call him on the phone: +49 (0) 781 967 13 86 or find him on the following address: Rammersweierstr. 90, 77654 Offenburg, DE

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