Was WotLK The Best World of Warcraft version?

Some Hardcore players will argue that Classic was and it will remain the best versions. Many also opt in for The Burning Crusade, but from our research we find that people are actually in love with Wrath of the Lich King which came in late 2008. Could be the storyline, the content, Arthas, Lich King, Icecrown, Northrend or the balance the update brought to the game. One could only guess. To our surprise, we can see more and more WotLK Private Server popping out. When compared in an average way to TBC or Classic (or any other private server for that matter), be it Pandaria, Legion, WoD, BFA, Cataclysm it seems WotLK servers always dominate with population.

One such server coming is Frozen Throne by Atlantiss. It was announced some 4 weeks ago on the Atlantiss.eu website and its pending release anytime soon, estimated late winter or early spring of 2021. We expect that this particular server will remain the best Wrath of the Lich King one for years to come. Frozen Throne Atlantiss gold will be available from here.

We recently found out that just 3 days ago, a new, a promising WotLK server was released by new project called Whitemane.gg. The realm is called Mograine and has x5 fast leveling rates. There are plethora of people there already. Feel free to give it ago, members of our team experience a lot of smooth gameplay without the usually bugs that private servers have upon launch. Around 5000 players during peak times. Whitemane.gg gold for Mograine is available on the Gold4Vanilla Whitemane Mograine Private Server page.

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